Distant Education Degree in TESOL
If you wish to get your TESOL degree online, here are the main things that you need to take into account:
Name of university: When you visit the website of an online TESOL degree program, see whether the university offers an off-line TESOL degree too in addition to their online degree.  If so, chances are that the university might be in our lists of top TESOL programs that can be reached from the menu bars on the left.  In general, online degree programs of those universities should also be as good.
Faculty members:  Check who the faculty members are.  This is important especially with distant degree programs though it seems otherwise.  One thing you can do to see whether the faculty is renowned enough is to Google their names and see whether they have enough research background or whether they are known in the field.  In general, if you find enough entries on their names, they should be good enough.
Request a booklet:  When you visit the webpage of an online degree program, the first thing you will notice will be that they ask you contact information.  Provide that information accordingly so that you can get a booklet from them.  Later, with that booklet, you can go to a university nearby and ask them about their opinion.  Also, most of the time, the booklet is already self-explanatory in that it contains information on what recent graduates have been doing, what kind of positions they were able to secure, etc.


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