English Language Teaching (ELT) is an area for which there is a lot of demand.  Most of the time, getting a TESOL/TEFL Certificate qualifies you for this job.  At other times, you will need at least a graduate level certificate for employment in TESOL.  And sometimes a BA or MA degree/diploma in TESOL/TEFL might be required for respective English teachers.  A PhD is often unnecessary, but will be useful for academic and administrative jobs such as teaching TESOL at a university or being the head of the ELT department in a school.  In any case, employers decide what qualifications they require of candidates for language teaching positions

TEACH English in the USA/UK/Canada/Australia/Ireland/New Zealand:

These are the countries where English is the native language of the people.  Because of this, the minimum qualifications required of English language teachers will often be high, especially in terms of their own proficiency in English.  Nevertheless, nonnative English teachers could still, most of the time, teach English in these countries provided that they have the necessary qualifications.  For a list of necessary qualifications, visit our home page.



TEACH English in Japan/Korea/China/Germany/France/Italy/Turkey/Greece/Russia/Sweden/India, etc:

These are the countries where English is either taught as a foreign language such as Germany, France, Turkey, Denmark, Belgium, etc. or it is the second language of the country such as India and Singapore.  These countries also have their own requirements for teaching English.  ELT salaries depend on the country where one teaches.  Sometimes the salary is quite good, whereas sometimes it is not so appealing.  Sometimes, one becomes an English teacher in order to have some time to think about what he/she really wants to do, whereas sometimes, he/she wants ELT to be a life-time career. 


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